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Cross-media Marketing Communication

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Online Master’s Degree in Austria

  • 100% online, start individual
  • Minimum study period 2 semesters
  • English
  • 60 ECTS
  • University of Applied Sciences Burgenland
  • Degree Master of Arts (MA)
  • Fee 8.900 €

Part-time online master’s programme Marketing Communication

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of cross-media marketing communication and increase your career opportunities? Would you like to study independent of time and place and decide for yourself how much time you want to spend on your continued education? Does your professional experience leave you with the feeling that you cannot learn anything new in a bachelor’s degree programme? Would you still like to round off your expertise academically and thus improve your professional standing? Have you already completed a degree in marketing and now find yourself in the communications and marketing industry and urgently need more expertise in the field? Are you looking for an interdisciplinary study programme that merges the know-how of various institutes and many years of experience? And all this in combination with individual support? Then, the online study programme Marketing Communication in the specialization Cross-media Marketing Communication International is right for you!

You can study in our online master programme if you have an internationally recognised bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience. During your online studies in marketing communication, you will complete 14 of the 15 modules by working out the assigned tasks and one module through an examination. At the end of your studies, you will present your master thesis in the filed of cross-media marketing communication to a small board of examiners online or on-site.


Important note: Due to changes in the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences Act (FHG), the admission criteria for Master’s degree programs will be more strictly regulated. As of 2023, an internationally recognized academic degree from a university (Bachelor) and a general university entrance qualification (high school diploma) will be required to study in a Master’s degree program.

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All the topics are very well-structured, and I had a lot of fun studying in such a practice-oriented way.”

Verena Rohde, Head of Department "Tourism and Culture" City of pilgrimage Kevelaer, Graduate 2018

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Study structure

The course consists of three levels in which a total of 15 modules must be completed.

The modules are worth 4 or 2 ECTS. The master’s thesis (14 ECTS) concludes the course.

You conclude the modules with the elaboration of a module task. An exception to this is the legal module, which concludes with an online examination. The fourteen elaborations comprise between seven and fifteen pages. Only the communication concept is a somewhat longer task. You can edit all content whenever and wherever you want. In the design and master’s thesis modules, you have three online seminar appointments each. Also, here you can choose the date and participate from wherever you want. The only thing you need is stable internet access.

In total, fourteen tasks, a test, a master’s thesis and a master’s examination separate you from your degree.

First learning stage

In stage 1 you will complete three modules with general marketing and communication contents. In this level, you will also find the module Scientific Writing and Empirical Social Research. This is a module, in which we introduce you to literature-based and evidence-based work and thus lay a good foundation for the work that is to be done in subsequent modules.

Scientific writing and empirical social research 4
Marketing basics 4
Basics of communication 2

Second learning stage

In stage 2 we deal with the everyday practice of cross-media marketing communication. This includes working with text, images and video, as well as event communication, integrated communication, public relations and the practical field of marketing communication in general. In the communication campaign and design module, you create your own cross-media communication concept. A task, that can also serve you as showpiece for job applications.

Integrated communication management 2
Practice area marketing communication 2
Event communication 2
Text and visualisation 4
Public relations 4
Communication campaign and design 4

Third learning stage

In Stage 3, we place a strong focus on the future. We separate image-oriented from sales-oriented marketing communication to bring them together again in a cross-media approach reflecting the trends of marketing communication. Reputation and crisis communication as high art of communication professionals, as well as law and ethics for the communications industry pave the way for you to become a senior consultant.

The seminar for the master’s thesis is assigned to level 3, because at this point you should already have completed some modules to choose a suitable topic. In principle, however, you are free to decide when you want to start the seminar. You start the seminar whenever you have an exposé to present. Simple register for an online seminar appointment. According to our motto: Study whenever you want!

Image-oriented marketing communication 4
Sales-oriented marketing communication 4
Current trends in marketing communication 2
Reputation management and crisis communication 2
Law and ethics for the communications industry 4
Seminar for the master's thesis 2
Master's thesis 14

Admission requirements

  • an internationally recognised domestic or foreign academic degree from a university (at least equivalent to a bachelor’s degree)


  • an equivalent qualification (1) to be determined by the programme manager based on
    • a university entrance qualification and at least five years’ professional experience, or
    • completion of an expert course/diploma course (e.g. university course, course for further education at a university of applied sciences or course of university character) to the extent of at least 60 ECTS and at least three years of professional experience or
    • Completion of a standardised written entrance examination, at least five years of professional experience and a minimum age of 21 years
(1) Assessment based on the descriptors describing level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

Important note: Due to changes in the Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences Act (FHG), the admission criteria for Master’s degree programs will be more strictly regulated. As of 2023, an internationally recognized academic degree from a university (Bachelor) and a general university entrance qualification (high school diploma) will be required to study in a Master’s degree program.


The successful graduates are awarded the academic degree “Master of Arts in Marketing Communication” (abbreviated to “MA” or “M.A.”) by the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland.

Payment options

After a study slot has been granted and the invoice has been issued, the entire tuition must be transferred. Partial payments are possible after prior agreement with eLAC.

The basic fee for the course is 8,900 euros. The following discount and payment models are available to participants.

1 × EUR 8,722.00 = tuition for immediate payment
(including -2% discount on the basic course fee)

2 × EUR 4,495.00 = tuition for semester-based payment
(including 2% processing fee on the basic course fee)

12 × EUR 786.00 = tuition for payment in 12 monthly instalments
(including 6% processing fee on the basic course fee)

24 × EUR 399.00 = tuition for payment in 24 monthly instalments
(including 8% handling fee on the basic course fee)

The following services are included:

  • Course materials in digital form
  • Unrestricted access to the online campus (central study platform)
  • Access to the online library
  • All exam attempts
  • Supervision of the master’s thesis
  • Supervision of conceptual work

The tuition covers 24 months of study (four semesters, thus twice the minimum period of study). Additional costs of 290 euros are incurred for each additional semester. An interruption of studies due to important personal reasons is possible to a limited extent.

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