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Portrait Silvia Ettl-Huber

eLearning Academy  ·  July 5 2022

Portrait: Silvia Ettl-Huber – co-founder and scientific advisor of eLearning Academy

It is the team that often acts in the background, but is at the center of our work. Currently, 6 extraordinary people form the team of the eLearning Academy. Silvia Ettl-Huber is at our side as co-founder and scientific advisor. In this interview, we talk to her about her love of teaching, ensuring quality and topicality in the master’s degree programs, and why the personal exchange in distance learning is often even richer than in face-to-face teaching.

What are your tasks at the eLearning Academy for Communication?

The eLearning Academy “happened” to us, Michael Roither and me, 5 years ago. At that time, we founded the eLearning Academy for Communication together and wanted to show that even distance learning skeptics – like us – can be taught and that a consistent teaching quality can be guaranteed through consistently thought-out and multimedia-based study content. So I am (o-founder, but also in the background as a scientific advisor. Program development, enhancement, quality optimization and compliance are my core tasks.  In addition, I am responsible as module instructor for the module “Text and Visualization” and together with Michael Roither and Christian Ameseder I’m responsible for the module “Master’s Thesis Seminar”.

What do you like most about your job?

Although I’ve been doing the job for a long time and it therefore has little “excitement factor” anymore, it’s still very nice to educate students and help them with their master’s theses.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I am Vice Rector for Research and Innovation and head of the Department of Economics with 5 degree programs at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. That is my bread and butter job. That’s why the edges of my working day are reserved for the eLearning Academy. On these, I correct module papers, master’s thesis submissions or get a “click arm” while clicking through the content of our online learning platform.

What should definitely not be missing in the home office?

The water carafe – otherwise I forget to drink.

When you’re not working, what do you do?

Then I go horseback riding. I am an avid trail rider. In my free time, I grab my horse as often as I can and ride for days on end in the hills of the Mühlviertel.

What excites you about education?

The constant growth, the constant learning. Especially with master’s theses, which are often considered the dreaded part of studying. For many, scientific work is boring. But in the master’s thesis process, students learn the benefits of structured thinking and evidence-based work. This also provides guidance in a time when there are so many rumors and conspiracy theories.

What do you love about teaching?

The resonance. You gain a lot from it. If you get a lot of ideas from students, a lot of practical applications of what you teach, as a teacher you leave a course stronger than when you went in. Interestingly, this is actually also the case with online teaching.

You know both face-to-face teaching and distance learning, what are the advantages of distance learning for lecturers and students?

There are basically three advantages of distance learning that are quite obvious:

  • Ecological advantages (saving on travel, among other things),
  • Time efficiency and
  • accessibility.

The beauty of distance learning is that it offers many people the opportunity to study in the first place. These are students for whom face-to-face study is not accessible because of the local distance to the appropriate course of study or because of their life situation.

And how will teaching models develop in the future?

I am sure that online or blended learning is the teaching model of the future. I believe that what we know today as classical face-to-face studies will also in the near future consist of only 30% face-to-face teaching and 70% distance learning. At least all in the area of part-time teaching. We are even a pulse beat ahead of our time with our 100 percent online master studies.

How personal is online studying?

Some people might think that personal exchange comes up short. It is often the case that the personal aspect is not in the foreground. Then it’s all the more surprising that this very personal exchange is quite possible. The online world offers students different ways to network, get in touch and stay in touch. This richness of the group is more exciting because the network is more international and more extensive than that of a face-to-face course.

What is the basis for choosing new programs and modules to include in the eLearning Academy’s concept?

Many distance learning providers offer a wide range of courses from business and finance to marketing and medicine. Our motto is clear: “Cobbler stick to your last”. Our focus is on what we love and live for: the fields of marketing, communications, media, sales and management. We don’t just develop our programs once and then move on to the next one. We continuously develop, improve them on an ongoing basis and maintain a high standard of quality and topicality.

We currently offer two German-language and one English-language program:

Keyword quality & topicality. How are these two aspects guaranteed in the Master’s programs?

We rely on very good lecturers from the field with a mediation mandate. They have the advantage with us that they can constantly update their content. You can imagine it like this: As a teacher at a college or university, lecturers often have the opportunity to update their content once in the summer semester or at the time of their lecture. With us, content can be updated and adapted on an ongoing basis.

Our quality is reflected in our certifications, among other things. We have been certified by Ö-Cert as an institution for adult education that performs high-quality work under adult pedagogical aspects. Our infrastructure, the curricula, the standard of the courses as well as the teaching staff are “PRVA-approved” and thus predicate education. These awards are on a national and international level and are completed by the certification of IQNet and Quality Austria.

When it comes to quality, our credo is: “Freshen up, freshen up, freshen up”. This already starts with the creation of the programs. High-quality content, high-quality topics, scientificity, accuracy, and much more are recurring themes for us. Regular monitoring and ongoing revisions are parts of this task that occupy almost half of the eLearning Academy team and all of the instructors. In addition, we are constantly getting feedback from students in order to meet their quality expectations as well. So it’s really a cycle of finishing one program and moving on to the next. This is also one of the reasons why we currently offer “only” three courses. Quality before quantity. 


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