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Online-Campus der eLearning Academy

Studying  ·  February 22 2022

Online-Campus: The innovative learning platform

The heart of our distance learning programme is the central learning platform: The Online-Campus.

This platform offers you the following content:

  • All information about the study programme,
  • course content and material,
  • work instructions,
  • tests, submissions and exams,
  • assessments and grades,
  • chats and forums – for exchange with lecturers and other students.

The technical system and requirements of the Online-Campus

We work with an adapted version of Moodle. Moodle is the most widely used learning platform in the world. The course management system has over 88.2 million users in 9.96 million courses in 234 countries. More than 60% of the world’s higher education institutions use Moodle. The software offers the possibility of cooperative teaching and learning methods.

Due to our special requirements (our courses are not divided into semesters as usual, as you can start with us at any time), we have individually edited and expanded our online campus. On the one hand, to offer our students optimal learning conditions, independent of time and place. On the other hand, it is also important to us to provide our teachers with optimal teaching conditions. These changes and adaptations compared to the standard learning management system make our online campus unique.

The only technical requirement students need to study and use the learning platform is internet access and a browser (such as: Safari, Explorer, Fireforx, Google Chrome,…).

Mobile app and desktop version

You can conveniently open our online campus on your laptop, tablet or smartphone at any time. A free “Moodle Mobile” app is available for this purpose. This offers you 100% flexibility, because it allows you to decide when and where you study and learn.

Content structure of our Online-Campus

At the beginning of your studies, you will receive a link to your email address. This link is used for the initial registration for the online campus. The principle is very simple: log in and get started!

On the homepage of the platform you will find your module overview. You will complete 15 modules in your online Master’s programme. These modules are basically divided into several clearly arranged sections and chapters. You must have read and understood all the chapters, as they are relevant to the examination.

The sections “Module Info” and “Learning Objectives Review” are consistent in each module. The module info contains

  • a presentation of the lecturers responsible for the modules,
  • the qualification objectives set out in the curriculum,
  • the competences acquired,
  • the course content,
  • the scope of teaching and
  • the form of examination.

The following sections deal with the topics of the module. In the Learning Objectives Review section you will find a collection of the tasks that are necessary for completing the module.

After each important teaching content, we have prepared so-called CheckUps for you and integrated them into the appropriate chapters. These check-ups are not graded; on the one hand, they serve as a self-check to see whether you have really understood what you have read, and on the other hand, they must be done in order to be able to complete the module positively. A module is completed with a module paper. In most cases, we have selected a practice-oriented assignment for you. You write this paper independently and you also decide when you hand in your paper. You are not bound by any fixed dates or deadlines.

Step by step to the Master’s degree

You must complete one level at a time to successfully complete the degree. The material is created in a building-up manner. Within the level, the individual modules can be learned and completed in any order. If multitasking suits you, you can also work on and take several modules at the same time. But a step-by-step approach is also possible and makes perfect sense. Choose a module that you are currently particularly interested in, read all the scripts and complete the module. Then move on to the next one.

Once you have positively completed a level and all grades have been entered by your teachers, you can be cleared for the next level. Some students use the completion of a level for a short, well-deserved breather. Others, want to move straight on to keep the momentum going. Everything is possible. Here we are guided entirely by the wishes and needs of our students.

First insights into the Online-Campus

To give you a first insight into the learning platform, we have prepared a short introductory video for you:

You would like to get an idea of the Online Campus yourself and are interested in a demo access? Register for a demo access with our student advisor Anria Brandstätter or visit one of our info-webinars, in which the online campus including examination modalities will be discussed. Of course, we are always available to answer your questions about distance learning and the online campus by e-mail or telephone.

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