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Andreas Sagmeister in den Bergen

Experience reports, Studying  ·  March 17 2022

Flexibility of distance learning – interview with student Andreas Sagmeister

Andreas Sagmeister is studying part-time for a Master’s degree in Cross-media Marketing Communication in German at the FH Burgenland eLearning Academy for Communication. We asked him for an interview to find out what motivates him to study part-time alongside his job and free time, why he chose distance learning and what impressions he has already gained of the programme. He tells us, why distance learning qoffers the most flexibility.

Nice of you to step in front of the curtain and give us the opportunity to get to know you a little better.

Tell us about your reasons for pursuing a part-time online Master’s degree?

I grew up in the Lungau region of Salzburg and am a child of the mountains. I have always had a strong urge to move and I love nature – whether on a snowboard, mountain bike or skateboard. During my school days at College and later during my studies, my friends and I discovered the fun of making videos of our sporting adventures. So the path to Red Bull was always a big goal of mine (laughs).

Nevertheless, after graduating from school, I initially started studying economics in Graz, but realised quite quickly that it didn’t meet my expectations. That’s why I switched to media technology – already knowing that media technology is part of communication.

And then came Red Bull?

Exactly. In 2014 I had the opportunity to do an internship at Red Bull Media House and for the last seven years I have been employed as a post production professional. In this role, I am responsible for TV productions and social media marketing, but I also accompany event projects and put them on film. I also like to work strategically. Especially in winter, there is more time for various marketing projects and the implementation of different campaigns. In this way, I have always been very involved in the most diverse areas of marketing communication.

Andreas Sagmeister beim Radfahren in den Bergen

Is that why you decide to study Marketing Communiation online?

It was actually a longer process, even though the thought and desire for further education was unbroken in the back of my mind. In terms of content, I didn’t feel ready for some areas, I wanted to know more and be able to do more, and so I started looking for a degree programme that I could also complete alongside my job. The offer of completely online-based study at the eLearning Academy appealed to me immediately.

How did your employer react to your wish for further training?

After the decision for the course had been made, I also talked to my managers. I approached them and researched whether it was at all possible to study alongside my job – and what support I could expect. In fact, the programme is also an enrichment for my job and the company and I got the support I had hoped for and was able to carve out a two-year part-time.

Part-time education is a huge advantage. How are you doing in your schedule?

I originally wanted to complete my entire degree in one year. However, I quickly abandoned this very ambitious plan because I still work part-time. For my two years of part-time education, I work according to the plan: one module every month. And so far this rule has proven itself. If nothing major comes up, I would like to finish all the modules at the beginning of October and then concentrate fully on my Master’s thesis.

Keyword planning. What do you see as the biggest challenge of part-time online study?

Time management, or to put it another way: the permanent temptation of free time and hobbies (laughs). Sometimes I just have to pull myself together, not to go out into nature, but to devote myself to my studies.

Andreas Sagmeister beim Skifahren

As we all know, it’s easiest to learn when the content interests you. Which modules are you particularly interested in?

I am not a grade hunter or title collector, but always look for added value in the content. If I find something exciting, I like to research it further, go into depth and want to know more. For example, the PR module was particularly interesting for me.

The communication concept that I submitted last time was challenging and extensive on the one hand, but on the other hand it was also very well prepared. The online seminars were particularly good. They are structured like a kind of coaching and the exchange with the students and with the lecturer was really outstanding.

They come from the event and video sectors. Both areas are also covered in modules. Did you like the contents?

I was able to compare a lot of the content from the event module directly with my practical experience, which is of course a big advantage.  I also found it exciting to learn the theoretical constructs behind events. So, why do events exist at all and what do they have to do in the marketing mix.

Because I come from the video field, I was able to go through the module “Text and Visualisation” much faster than “newcomers” in the field probably can. That is precisely why I find the concept of the study programme so good. If I want to know more, I simply stay longer, if I already know the content, then I can complete the sections faster. This makes me much more independent and the programme adapts to me with maximum flexibility. I would therefore give new students the tip: Concentrate on what interests you and get the best out of it!

Andreas Sagmeister mit einer Kamera in der Hand

What would you like to say in conclusion to people who are still considering studying?

In two words: Just do it!

Of course, the costs also play a role. But everything I invest in my studies now – whether time or money – may open up new perspectives and doors for me later.

And maybe one more addendum: Especially now in Corona times, I’m really glad I decided to study here a year ago. Because it has always been online and the concept is also geared towards learning independent of time and place – i.e. also at home at any time. So I think the quality of online-based studying is very high!


Would you also like to study part-time without having to forego anything?

Then find out more about our programme now or register directly for our next online info event. Our study advisor Anria Brandstätter will be happy to tell you more about our Master’s programmes, the Online-Campus and the examination modalities. Register now and secure your place in the next free and non-binding online session!

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