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Studying  ·  March 9 2022

Individual distance learning support and advice

Do you have an aversion to group work, where coordination is often more exhausting than writing the paper itself? The reminder of impossible schedules due to necessary attendance requirements or fixed exam dates makes you quickly discard your plan for further education? The fear of classic exam situations makes you sweat? Do you want to learn independently, self-determinedly and flexibly, but still not be completely dependent on yourself? We will show you why online study brings with it a great deal of flexibility and individuality, but you can still expect comprehensive guidance and support in distance learning if you so wish.

Stress-free studying and individual support

On the one hand, you want to learn individually, schedule your study dates flexibly and submit your assignments when you have had enough time to work on them. On the other hand, you also want someone with whom you can discuss your studies and the course content, some framework conditions that put you under a bit of pressure now and then or motivate you to keep at it and continue. We know only too well the need for flexibility with the desire for stability and have adapted our concept to your wishes for these reasons. We promise you:

  • the highest possible flexibility – completely independent of time and location, without travel time and travel costs,
  • a pleasant way of providing services through practical module papers with individual feedback from our lecturers,
  • solid basic knowledge with the advantage of consistent quality and
  • an all-round carefree package with individual advice and support.

Free and individual counselling for interestes parties


The relationship with our (future) students is an important concern for us even before registration. Personal and individual counselling and support distinguishes us from many other distance learning providers. With us, you are not a number, neither as a prospective student nor as a student.

Before you decide on a distance learning programme with us, you have various opportunities to inform yourself. Our competent team is at your disposal. In addition to

  • requests for information material,
  • detailed lists of course contents or
  • individual appointments,
  • we offer 2-3 information events per month with limited places.

Information material and course description

Are you interested in an academic university course at the UAS Burgenland at the eLearning Academy and would like to request information material free of charge and without obligation? You can request our information brochures for the desired university course at any time using this form.

Symbolbild Info-Material der eLearning Academy for Communication


Our information evenings always take place 2 to 3 times a month and serve to explain the distance learning programme to you in small groups. At the online events we share our screen and first introduce you to the online campus – our modern learning platform. Using examples from modules, we will show you how to complete your studies step by step, constantly checking your knowledge with self-tests before you start the practical module work at the end of the modules. In order to address your questions and personal concerns individually, places in the information evenings are limited. If you are interested, please register online for the desired date in good time, of course completely free of charge and without obligation.

Call to Action: Register for the next info-webinar

Personal consultation

You don’t have time on or info-event dates or would rather ask your questions in a one-on-one meeting? No problem. You can arrange an individual, free and non-binding consultation with our study advisor Anria Brandstätter at any time. Simply send her a short e-mail with your preferred appointment date.

All-round carefree package for students

Our students benefit from an all-round carefree package throughout their studies. We support them in all matters, listen to them if they have questions or problems, organise individual planning meetings and milestone planning on request, and provide support before the final examination.

Advice on starting your studies

Welcome to the eLearning Academy! The admission confirmation and welcome email has reached you, but what now? When you start your studies, you will also receive the access data to the online campus – your learning platform. There you will not only find your modules and course content, but also useful information to make your start in the programme easier. This includes our “study guide”. The study guide tells you everything you need to know about:

  • us, our team and our partners,
  • the study concept, study operation, structure of the study programme and the modules,
  • the online-campus with all the information on getting started, the Moodle app, etc..,
  • the examination modalities, check-ups and module work,
  • the Master’s thesis and examination,
  • the time commitment and optimal time management and
  • administration, confirmations, interruptions, library research, etc.

If required, you can also arrange a personal kick-off meeting with study advisor Anria Brandstätter at any time to clarify any open questions.

Personal planning meeting with milestone planning

You started your studies motivated, completed the first modules, then an important project, a new job or an unexpected personal situation interfered and you lost your connection and your motivation for a short time? No problem: We support you in finding your way back into your studies and help you to set learning times, deadlines and milestones for yourself. Because despite flexibility, many people need a framework that supports them in pursuing their goals and not losing their way.

Portrait Michael Leeb-Hebaus Student der eLearning Academy

“In the Master’s programme, you study flexibly and self-determined, but not alone. Students are always encouraged to get individual and proactive support and to make an appointment for online counselling. After trying on my own for a while, I did just that. And that was a good thing! With the help of Ms Brandstätter, the study advisor at the eLearning Academy, I set my (time) goals and analysed my professional situation and workload as well as my learning type. Afterwards, we jointly set binding deadlines and milestones for the coming quarter. Equipped with these deadlines and a plan for how I could study as efficiently and purposefully as possible, things really did go much, much better. In the meantime, I’m even in the second of three learning stages and again have a plan for the coming months that gives me security and a framework.”

Michael Leeb-Hebaus – Student in the Master’s programme Marketing Communication in the specialisation “Event Management and Marketing Communication

Interruption of the distance learning programme

During your studies, unexpected situations can arise that no one, least of all you, expected. And then what? What happens if your job suddenly takes up more of your time or your personal circumstances don’t allow you to continue studying? Here too: Talk to us! We are at your side in every life situation and will find the best solution together. In special cases, you can officially interrupt your studies, take the pressure off, and rejoin at a later date.

Portraitbild Renata Albert Studentin der eLearning Academy for Communication

“Because I don’t want to just race through my studies and certainly don’t want the quality to suffer from the multiple workloads, I decided to take a break from my studies. I don’t study for specific grades, but I really enjoy my studies at the eLearning Academy so much that I also like to delve into the content. I also always apply all the content directly in practice and like to link the theories to my everyday working life. But it is precisely this intensive level that I have not been able to maintain at the present time, in addition to my professional activity. So by taking an official break, I have taken some of the pressure off myself.”

Renata Albert – Student in the Master’s programme Marketing Communication in the specialisation “Crossmedia Marketing Communication”.

Beratung und Betreuung für die Masterarbeit

Bevor Sie den lang ersehnten Titel „Master of Arts“ offiziell verliehen bekommen, steht Ihnen zum Abschluss des Hochschullehrganges eine Masterarbeit (mit 14 ECTS) und Defensio bevor. Um Sie nicht ins kalte Wasser zu stoßen, werden Sie auch in dieser Zeit intensiv betreut.

Im Modul „Seminar zur Masterarbeit“ arbeiten Sie einen Themenvorschlag, das Exposé, ein Inhalts- und Literaturverzeichnis und die Strategie und Taktik für Ihrer Masterarbeit aus. Dafür können Sie per Telefonconferencingsystem mit der Seminarleitung und anderen Studienkolleginnen und -kollegen an Seminar-Terminen am Abend teilnehmen und sich Unterstützung und Support holen. Außerdem wird Ihnen ein Betreuer bzw. eine Betreuerin zugewiesen, welche Ihnen bei der Erarbeitung Ihrer Masterarbeit zur Seite steht.

Die Masterprüfung und das Abschlussgespräch

Ist die Masterarbeit abgegeben und positiv beurteilt, sowie alle anderen Module abgeschlossen und beurteilt, können Sie sich zur abschließenden Masterprüfung anmelden. Es handelt sich dabei um eine kommissionelle Prüfung, welche online oder an der FH Burgenland vor Ort stattfinden kann – je nach Wunsch des Studierenden. Um Sie bestmöglich auf diese nicht alltägliche Prüfungssituation vorzubereiten, widmen wir uns in einem individuellen, persönlichen Termin

  • dem Ablauf der Masterprüfung,
  • all Ihren offen Fragen zur Prüfung,
  • testen mit Ihnen die Technik (Mikrofon, Webcam, Präsentation) und
  • stehen Ihnen bei Prüfungsangst mit Tipps und Tricks und motivierenden Worten zur Seite.
Portrait Elin Baranyai-Ulvestat

“Of course I was excited and had looked at my presentation again at two o’clock in the morning. Of course I was well prepared, but an exam is always an exceptional mental situation. The exam board was very keen to create a pleasant and nice atmosphere. Something that is perhaps not so easy online, but it worked! And especially the feedback afterwards was another highlight of my studies! To have my performance confirmed again orally by the professors and to receive the congratulations at the end of the exam is a very sublime feeling.”

Elin Baranyai-Ulvestad – graduate of the Master’s programme in Marketing Communication in the specialisation “Crossmedia Marketing Communication”.

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