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Studying  ·  June 21 2022

A marketing distance learning course as a career booster

You want to advance professionally, a new position with more responsibility or more salary increase? We’ll show you the professional advantages that distance learning in marketing can offer you. And we’ll give you tips and tricks to help you convince your employer of the value of your continuing education.

Distance learning vs. face-to-face study – these are the differences

The choice between distance learning and face-to-face study to obtain your master’s degree is one of the first you have to make. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we have first summarized the most important differences for you:

Flexibility, work & study

The name of the two words presence and distance learning in itself reveals the biggest difference.

Attendance study is to be completed in presence, i.e. in the presence of the students in terms of space and time. Lectures, seminars and workshops take place at the university at set times. In most cases, a distinction is made between part-time studies and full-time studies, with full-time studies taking place on weekdays and part-time attendance studies taking place at the university on weekends or in the evenings.

Distance learning, on the other hand, takes place away from the university. But here, too, there are different forms, such as “blended learning” programs or purely online study programs. While “blended learning” combines classroom teaching with online teaching, pure online study programs are 100% online and therefore completely independent of time and place. Therefore, always inform yourself exactly about the form of the offer or decide in advance which form is the right choice for you.

Admission requirements

For almost all master programs at universities and distance learning providers, it is possible to study at a university with an internationally recognized domestic or foreign academic degree (at least Bachelor equivalent). It is important to note whether the respective provider of the master’s course requires a relevant title in the respective field.

Many universities and distance learning providers also allow people with equivalent aptitude – i.e. with relevant prior knowledge or professional experience, a degree from a continuing education course or course of university character, or an entrance examination – to complete an academic master’s course. Therefore, please inform yourself in detail about the admission criteria for your desired course.

Graduation and accreditation

The Bologna Process, which has been in force since 2010, was developed to standardize the study system throughout Europe. This enables students to obtain degrees that are recognized throughout Europe. These include:

  • Bachelor,
  • Master and
  • Doctorate

As a rule, these degrees are known and recognized not only in the EU, but also in North America, Canada or Asia.

An important quality feature when choosing a degree program is accreditation. This regulates external quality assurance at higher post-secondary educational institutions (universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities and pedagogical colleges). When choosing a distance learning provider, you should therefore always check whether the provider itself has accreditation or cooperates with a university that is responsible for accrediting the courses.


The costs for a classroom or distance learning course also vary and can only be determined by taking a closer look. It is therefore advisable to get more detailed information about the actual costs as well as funding opportunities and the like from the provider in advance.

In general, the tuition fee at public universities is significantly lower than the tuition fee for distance learning. In Germany and Austria, no general tuition fees are charged for Bachelor’s studies, provided you are from the EU or Switzerland and meet the standard period of study. For a master’s degree, universities can decide for themselves whether or not to charge tuition fees. In Austria, fees amount to around €363 per semester. In Germany, the fees are between € 40 and € 400. In Switzerland, studying at public universities is subject to fees and is also very expensive. Depending on the canton, tuition fees range from €800 to €3,300 per semester.

Private universities and distance learning providers charge fees in almost all countries. Tuition fees vary from €500 per semester to around €20,000 per semester for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Professional advantages with a master’s degree in marketing communication

The goal of your education and training should be to strive for self-fulfillment, to achieve your goals and desires.  One thing is clear: studying part-time is challenging and time-consuming, so you want to know in advance whether it is really worth it. We, our graduates, studies and also personnel managers claim: YES, it is worth it – further education is successful and indispensable! In the long term it enables you to remain competitive in the job market, in the short term more salary and new professional perspectives are waiting for you. Are these goals you want to achieve? Then distance learning and continuing education is the right thing for you!

Professional training and new career perspectives

A Statista study shows that around 42% of Austrian companies have felt the shortage of skilled workers very strongly in 2021. The situation in Germany is similarly precarious. For 56% of German companies, the shortage of skilled workers is the greatest economic risk. Many HR managers also complain about the lower quality of applicants. What is needed? Trained specialists in all fields and industries, retraining and additional qualifications.

Maybe you have been working in marketing, PR and communications for years and have acquired the knowledge of your tasks yourself. Or you are working in another field – consulting, customer management, sales, etc.? – Do you want to expand your area of responsibility and take on new challenges? No matter, having professional competences, which are taught in your studies, in the field of communication and marketing is always an advantage. You will benefit even more if theory and practice are combined in further education and you learn to think outside the box. This could open up new career prospects for you that you may not have thought of beforehand.

Christine Fekesa Studentin der eLearning Academy for Communication - Porträt

“First of all: For me, this study program is a total privilege! I always wanted to study, but it never worked out in terms of time and organization. Basically, I’m a person who likes to learn, and further education doesn’t necessarily have to take place in an institutionalized setting like a (university) school or a course. I can work things out and teach myself very well. But at some point I nevertheless reached the point where the desire for a guided and scientifically based training was so great that I started looking for a suitable course,” says 52-year-old Christina Fekesa about her choice to complete a distance learning program at the eLearning Academy.

Promotion and more responsibility

Supervisors love ambitious employees who do an excellent job and want to take on more responsibility. An important point here is the knowledge you need to take the next step in your career, perhaps even to a management position. Your skills will be expanded and new tasks will go hand in hand with a promotion. It is therefore important and necessary that you show your boss what you want and can do. A master’s degree offers you the opportunity to do a targeted further education, which will help you to convince your superior of your motivation and newly acquired competence. You shine with innovative ideas and fall back on a sound knowledge with which you convince.

Portrait Verena Rhode eLearning Academy

“Since April 2020, I have been in charge of the department “Tourism & Culture” at the pilgrimage city of Kevelaer.  This is a very diverse and varied job that gives me a lot of pleasure. I am now responsible for 28 employees and would certainly not have gotten the job without the master’s degree. So I owe a lot to my studies at the eLearning Academy,” says Verena Rohde, graduate of the master’s degree program in marketing communication with a specialization in cross-media marketing communication.

Salary increase and/or financial benefits

A Master’s degree pays off! According to a study by the Austrian Productivity and Profitability Center (ÖPWZ), Master’s graduates earn on average between € 3,122 and € 3,654 per year more than their colleagues. In the future, this is even expected to rise to € 5,488.

A representative Marketagent study on behalf of karriere.at proves that for about 62 percent of the employees for more salary “in any case” (30%) or “if the current job does not fit completely” (32%) would change the job. The same study also shows that employers place less value on salary in the job than employees. Only 26 percent believe salary is important in retaining employees and making positions more attractive.

With a master’s degree in your pocket, you have a very good argument to convince your supervisor to give you a salary increase.

4 very good arguments to convince your supervisor about distance learning

You would like to use the professional advantages for yourself and get a Master’s degree? We have prepared 5 very good arguments for you with which you can manage to convince your employer of your further education – a distance learning program:

  1. No employee absenteeism: A distance learning program offers the opportunity to study flexibly, when and where you want. In the evening, on the weekend or on vacation – you decide when you want to work on your learning materials. Your employer does not have to do without you. You can continue to work full time.
  2. Sound knowledge & more know-how in the company: A practical distance learning program offers the opportunity to combine theory with practice, which benefits not only you but also your employer. You learn and implement what you have learned 1:1 in your everyday work. You receive feedback from your instructors, which in turn provides you with new input and perspectives – similar to working with external agencies. This saves the company from having to buy in expensive external know-how or enables you to better evaluate and assess external partners.
  3. Reputation and motivation: Satisfied employees play a decisive role in the success of the company, because they are the most important resource of a company. The more satisfied, the more motivated, loyal and connected employees feel with the company. In addition, professional competence can enhance reputation.
  4. International network: “I know someone.” Not only when looking for a job, but also when acquiring new customers, service providers or partners, networking is a key success criterion in many industries. Networking makes work more efficient. You don’t have to spend as much time and resources on research, but you can quickly find solutions and opportunities through a good network. A distance learning program also offers the opportunity to build an international and very broad network in the industry and allows you to network and exchange ideas with colleagues from all over the world. This allows them to uncover new market potential, identify opportunities in time, acquire new customers, land cooperation partners and much more.


Sources: Karriere.at | Bachelor-and-more.de | Unicum.de | Salzburger Nachrichten

Interest in the Master’s distance learning program in Marketing and Communication

Are you interested in a distance learning program in marketing, communication and public relations? Then you are exactly right with us! We offer the master’s degree program in the specialization Cross-media Marketing Communication.

Get the most important information about the online master’s program at the next free and non-binding info-event with study advisor Anria Brandstätter. In addition to a virtual tour and exclusive insights into the examination modalities, you will receive all information about the course, the teaching concept and the contents. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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