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5 gründe, die für ein fernstudium sprechen

Studying  ·  January 27 2022

5 reasons that speak for distance learning

Who hasn’t experienced it: The desire to expand one’s knowledge is there, but the time is not? Wrong! Or rather: a misconception!

We have summarised 5 good reasons for you that show why distance learning is feasible for everyone. You just have to find the motivation yourself 😉

1. Flexibility

No deadlines and timeslots? Study when and where you want? With a distance learning programme, this is not a pipe dream, but a reality. Online distance learning offers students the opportunity to organise their time flexibly. After all, alongside a job, family and hobbies, there is often little time for other things.

In contrast to face-to-face studies, with distance learning you are not bound to rigid timetables and lecture schedules. You decide where and how you learn. We offer you all kinds of tools to learn independently of time and place. The learning environment works on desktop computers as well as on tablets or smartphones. Our programmes are conducted using the latest distance learning technology and according to advanced didactic and pedagogical findings of “Technology-based Education”. The central hub of your studies is our learning platform – the Online-Campus – on the internet. Submissions, work instructions, information material, learning material and deadlines can be found online 24/7. You can study content in sections and choose the place, time, learning style and learning speed yourself. Distance learning thus offers you maximum learning autonomy.

2. Theory AND practice

To make it as easy as possible for you to learn and apply the course content, our online courses combine theory and practice. Teaching is done by academically proven lecturers and renowned experts in top positions. They guide you through the individual modules of your studies and make theory tangible through vivid examples from practice.

All Master’s programmes are designed to provide you with the best possible knowledge, helpful tools and tips and tricks that can be applied directly in practice. Practical elaborations, conceptual work or case work replace mindless learning bulimia. For the most part, you can choose your own cases and examples. In other words, you can use and test your acquired knowledge in your direct environment – and receive feedback from the experts.

An example: You work in a company. A blogger has been publishing negative posts about your company for several weeks. Now he makes the unjustified accusation that you are discharging chemicals into the Danube. Equipped with the knowledge from the Reputation and Crisis Communication module, the module leader asks you to work out the communicative steps to solve the problem.

This not only helps you to progress in your studies, but also supports you in your daily work and may even help you to shine in front of your boss.

3. Personal mentoring

While personal feedback and individuality are often lost in face-to-face teaching, you can benefit from this in online study. Annoying group work, where coordination is usually more strenuous and time-consuming than the work itself, is completely eliminated.

In addition to individual supervision, however, there is also the possibility of networking and exchanging ideas with study groups online. Among other things, we offer voluntary webinars or appointments where our professors and experts are available to answer questions.

Our students take part in their studies worldwide with the greatest possible flexibility, but you are still not alone. With us you are not a number. We will give you individual advice and support in all academic matters. Because the smooth running of your studies is important and keeps you motivated.

With us, Anria Brandstätter, the Head of Student Support, takes care of you personally. She helps with technical and organisational questions, but also with personal and individual concerns. Together you create your individual curriculum and define milestones that help you pursue your goals and complete the Master’s degree in the desired time.

Here you will find more about our support and advice service.

4. Best career opportunities

Successful graduates of our Master’s programmes are awarded the academic degree “Master of Arts” (abbreviated to “MA”) by the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, with which they are optimally equipped for the job market in the future.

Very often one reads in job advertisements when it comes to the requirements for applicants: “a completed university degree”. At least a Bachelor’s degree in the ideal case is what many employers want Master’s graduates to have. But professional experience is still a must, of course. Nowadays, part-time studies make it possible to have both. Attendance-based studies have the disadvantage that students are often required to be present and that these times are often difficult to reconcile with a 38.5-hour or 40-hour job. This is where distance learning offers clear advantages, because if you manage your time well, you don’t have to reduce your working hours to study.

The Master’s degree also plays an important role in salary. A study by the HR network Forum Personal in the Austrian Productivity and Profitability Centre – ÖPWZ for short – showed that graduates of a technical or business master’s degree earn between about 220 and 270 euros more per month than bachelor’s graduates when they start their job. According to study author Armand Kaáli-Nagy, this trend is on the rise and increases up to around 400 euros per month.

5. Entry and completion are possible EVERY TIME

The digitalisation of education and training is advancing ever faster. It is important to have a realistic learning goal such as the broad core competence in the field of marketing communication and to consistently link this with the diverse possibilities of learning today on the Internet. Together with the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and the Austrian Institute of Management, we have succeeded in developing a study model based on e-learning that adapts to the students to the maximum – the individual learning progress determines the pace. Start and completion are possible at any time. This allows us to guarantee you maximum learning autonomy and flexible time management.


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