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News, Studieren  ·  4. November 2021

Webinar: Communication Theory in Practice

Communication is everything! It connects. It gets things moving. And it is the motor of our society. Communication is the foundation of human coexistence. It also has potentially incendiary effects. But what exactly is communication? How does it function? What are its effects in a business context? The Webinar Communication Theory in Practice is dedicated to answer these questions.

Basics of Communication, communication theories and modules: Sounds boring? We can assure you: it isn’t. Come check it out yourself! After this webinar you will understand the fundamentals of communication. Anyone who wants to understand the connection between communication theory and practice and derive practical benefit from it, this webinar is the right place for you.

In doing so, it also provides first insights into the module “Fundamentals of Communication” of the Master’s programme “Cross-media Marketing Communication” of University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and eLearning Academy for Communication.

About the lecturer: Michael Roither is an expert in communication. He has more than years of experience in journalism and PR either as a lecturer in those fields. And, most importantly: He loves what he teaches. In the webinar he shared his knowledge and experience and helped to understand communication in a professional context.

Webinar Topics

  • Introduction to Communication and its science
  • Communication theories with a focus on effect
  • Business examples in the field of journalism, marketing, PR, leadership communication
  • Q&A

Missed the webinar?

No problem! We’ve recorded it for you. You can watch it here:


Portraitbild Michael Roither

Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Michael Roither, MBA is head of the Master programme “Digital Media and Communication” and Vice-Rector for International Affairs at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. He is also one of the founders and Managing Director of the eLearning Academy for Communication. Roither was previously Head of the Centre for Journalism and Communication Management at the Danube University Krems for six years and Deputy Head of the superordinate department.

After completing his Master’s degree in journalism and communication science as well as sociology at the University of Salzburg, he completed his doctoral studies in journalism, carrying out research in New York, London and Glasgow. He also earned an Executive MBA with a focus on strategy and finance at the Danube University Krems. Michael Roither completed his training as an editor at the Board of Trustees for Journalist Training in Salzburg and Vienna and has more than 20  years of experience in journalism, public relations and communication science. He has been a lecturer and trainer at numerous universities and educational institutions all over Europe.

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